In Casino, Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone elevate the gangster genre into something akin to art. The film is liminal, not between Victoriannism and Modernism, but between finance and the frontier. It is a tale of small-time mobsters trying to survive while large corporations antiseptically displace them and their foibles. And, while the movie is rife with violence and nihilism, it’s also a celebration of human agency and a recognition that the machinations of the robbery, racketeering, and extortion that suffuse the world of organized crime are all too familiar to us now.

Casinos are built on a foundation of mathematics, engineered to slowly bleed their patrons of cash. But they’re not alone – physicists have tried to turn the tables on casinos using their knowledge of probability and game theory.

There are many different ways to market a casino, but some strategies work better than others. A successful casino marketing plan will look at your audience and understand why they’re interested in your location. It will also address what makes your casino unique and appealing.

Today, most casinos use a combination of strategies to reach their target audiences. One of these includes integrating technology into floor games and offering online components for players to engage with. This type of casino marketing is an effective way to grow your brand and attract a new audience. But, before you start implementing these tactics, it’s important to know how to use demographic data correctly.