Whether you play in a real casino or in an online poker room, you have likely come across casino chips. Casinos are ubiquitous in gambling parlors, so it’s no surprise that chips have become a standard part of gambling. While some people may think all chips are created equally, the truth is that there are a variety of different types of chips. Depending on your preference, you can choose to collect ceramic or plastic chips.

The first casino chips were made out of compressed clay. The second type of chips, known as ceramic chips, are not actually clay. They are made of plastic resin and are molded to resemble porcelain. Some chips are made with a mixture of clay and polymers.

Poker chips are made of plastic, clay, or a combination of both. These are typically used for tournaments or high-stakes games.

Several types of chips exist, but the most common are ceramic, plastic, and plastic composites. Plastic chips are more durable and less expensive than ceramic chips, but they are not pure plastic. In fact, some plastic chips contain metal inserts.

Poker chips can have a variety of designs and symbols. Some have no visible symbols, while others feature six dice numbered 1 to 6. There are even chips that have diamonds encircling the edges.

The most common type of poker chips are made from plastic, though some casinos still use clay. Some poker chips are made out of wood, while others are made from ABS plastic. Regardless of material, the casino will usually have the name of the casino inscribed on the face of the chip.